How to clear your head

by May 28, 2020Blog

How great would it be to always have a clear head
and feel in control.

Research shows: 90% of feelings and thoughts
you create don’t serve you. Keep your act together,
be relaxed, keep a quiet mind by doing meditation and mindfulness.

It’s the ability to think clearly, bright, luminous, cloudless,
free from mist, haze or dust. (

What does a clear head mean?
No fog, think straight, cleaned, get ahead, clear thoughts,
calm, think, alert, ideas, imagine, instruct, self assured, self possessed,
soothed, together, tranquil, untroubled, serene, sooth, ease.

My advice to you
1. If you stay level headed and self assure, your able
to suppress the stuff you don’t need in your headspace.

2. To clear it and keep what you need (the knowledge)
3. Breathing, eat well, sleep, faith, trust

“Sometimes you just have to stop, take a deep
breath & put things into perspective.” 

Katrina Mayer

“The world is so much bigger than your brain,
stop living inside your head.” 


“I’m not clear enough in the head to feel anything
but varieties dull anyone and allow sadness.” 

Virginia Woolf

With love. Helen xx

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