The Wellness
Program for Mums

This self-paced program will inspire busy, overwhelmed mums to gain back control and purpose. Allowing them to be content with themselves.

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This program will regain your power to:

  • Be more in control of your actions by shifting your awareness to your attention
  • Have a clear head by creating a sense of inner calmness and allow you to connect
  • Be capable by allowing you to make changes within your environment / lifestyle to feel inspiredand liberated
  • Be in control and having a clear head allows us to be inspired
  • Have a clear head and feel capable which gives us a strong sense of direction.

Regain your power to be more on this life-empowering journey.
Join the STANDARD program for access to all 33 modules or join the PLUS program for access to everything, including the essential goodies box and Helen’s personal guidance through your journey.

The Wellness Program for Mums

Your Investment




The following program add-ons are available after enrolling into one of the above:

+ Box of essential goodies (included with PLUS)
+ Scheduled one-on-one calls (included with PLUS)

+ Treatment appointment with Helen (Telehealth)
+ Treatment appointment with Helen (In Clinic)

Book online for a telehealth call to get added coaching if needed. Please make your appointment under Kinesiology Initial Consult and mention ‘telehealth’ in your booking

Receive this box of goodies when you sign up to the PLUS Program or purchase it as an add-on.

Box includes:

  • 3 x Essential Oils
  • 3 x Bush Flower essences
  • Crystals
  • Smudge Stick

Get ready to embark on this 12 week journey of renewal and regain power

I would like to try the FREE introductory program