by Aug 27, 2020Blog

What does connect mean?
Affix, associate, attach, bridge, conjoin, consolidate,
correlate, interface, join up, plug into, tag tie, unite, inter connect, renovate.

My advice to you
1. Connections with family and friends feel good
2. Do not hide from the world
3. Share the journey with people, around high energy people
4. Do what you love doing, e.g. join the gym
5. Ask for help
6. Form new connections and network

“One thing leads to another, everything
is connected. Most important things in life are
connections you make with others”

Tom Ford

“Every man wants to connect his life
with something he thinks eternal.”

Andrew Mellon

Do you want to help connect to others, by connecting the dots?
Use this mantra and say it daily:
From now on I will connect the dots my own way
Discover, Connect, Inspire

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