to a new you

Renew You is a 12 week program to help busy and overwhelmed mums gain balance in their lives.


Be inspired to take back control and purpose.
Allowing you to be content within yourself.

This program will regain your power to be more.
In control of your actions by shifting your awareness to your attention.
Clear headed, by creating a sense of inner calmness.
Capable by making changes within your environment/lifestyle.
Inspired and liberated with a strong sense of direction.

Meet Helen Efstathiou 

I am a practising Kinesiologist, Aromatherapist, life coach, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner and lecturer at the Sydney Institute of traditional Chinese medicine.

I am also a mother and understand first hand just how busy life can get.

By combining my skills I have developed a 12 week program to help busy working mums to regain a clear head and feel more capable and in control. Teaching you the skills you need to create the life you deserve.

The program includes fortnightly videos and worksheets that are designed for you to do in your own time. Weekly one-on-one calls with myself, group support and much more.

We all have a back story filled with experiences that inspire us and help to grow our passions. Mine started when my first child was born with sleep apnea. He frequently battled croup and having tried mainstream methods that weren’t working I decided to approach it naturally and found the solution. Skip forward a few years and my mother became ill, experiencing a stroke that left her not able to recognise our family. A few years later my husband was diagnosed with tumors and I was the one that nursed him back to health. . These health problems in my family sparked an immense passion for helping others.

Free eBook reveals

3 mistakes busy mums make in the morning
that effect their whole day.

✓ Chaos to calm
✓ Hectic to happier
✓ Disorganised to super organised

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