Regain your
power to be more

Be inspired. Gain control and purpose. Be content with yourself. Gain balance in your life. Be inspired and liberated with a strong sense of direction.

Welcome my name is
Helen Efstathiou,
I am a contentment expert.

I am a practising Kinesiologist, Aromatherapist, Life Coach and Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, and lecturer at the Sydney Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. I love helping busy working mums feel more in control, regain a clear head and feel more capable. What I’m really passionate about is teaching you to feel more content and enjoy the life you deserve and live your true purpose.

The working, busy mums program.

A 12 week program that will help you regain your power to be more.

  • In control of your actions by shifting your awareness to your attention
  • Clear head by creating a sense of inner calmness and allowing you to connect
  • Capable by allowing you to make changes within your environment/lifestyle to feel inspired and liberated
  • Being in control and having a clear head allows us to be inspired
  • Having a clear head and feeling capable gives us a strong sense of direction
  • Feeling capable and a sense of control gives us the feeling of liberation

7 Day Challenge

Do something for yourself every morning to keep your vibrational energy levels high.

Every day for 7 days we will add a step to the morning routine to keep your energy up throughout the day. It is vital to keep the vibrational energy levels high. When you are charged, you have the ability to feel great and able to manifest from a healthy body.

Join me and launch your 7 Day Challenge.

With love, Helen xx

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