The Tug And War

by Mar 28, 2020Blog

Want to talk about the Art of Tug of war: Control…
How to play the game your way?

“If you find yourself in the wrong story, leave” Mo William 

What is control?
It is the ability to regulate one’s emotions, thoughts and behaviour
in the eyes of temptation and impulses. Ones behaviour in order
to achieve specific goals. Self control is like a muscle. According to study’s,
control is life energy-short time. Overuse of self control will lead to depletion
and over long term can strengthen. (

Influence, behaviour, influence events, restrain, regulate,
weight up, discipline, management, oversight, in the driver’s seat,
upper hand, restricted, limits in place.

My advice to you
1. Life is a struggle but keep control of the rope
and keep pushing in the right direction.
2. Stay in the driver’s seat and restrain yourself from doing wrong.
3. Weigh up what’s right and wrong
4. Stay on track even if it feels wrong

“Stand up and walk out of history.” Dr Phil McGraw 

Stay in control and be you.
With love. Helen xx

Do something for yourself every morning to keep your vibrational energy levels high.