7 Day Challenge

Do something for yourself every morning to
keep your vibrational energy levels high.

Every day for 7 days we will add a step to the morning routine to keep your energy up throughout the day. It is vital to keep the vibrational energy levels high. When you are charged, you have the ability to feel great and able to manifest from a healthy body. Mind, body and spirit are all vibrating towards the universal energy field.

Choose to think new thoughts to be able to change your reality. Your life is reflected by your vibrational thinking as all is generated via the mind then the reality. Become aware of your thoughts, what you say and how you feel by telling your negative thoughts to go away. Stress attract a negative vibration.

This is what we can do before the rest of the family wakes up: its called “Me Time” to renew you from the word go, in the morning.

Doing something for you everyday in the morning (even if it means getting up earlier) can change your thoughts from ‘I have no time for me’ or ‘I don’t matter’ into ‘I’m important’, ‘I matter’ and ‘I’m spending time on myself that no-one can take away from me because it’s before everyone else gets up!’

I incorporate what I will share with you and it has changed my life. We have to schedule “me time” as none else will do it for you.

Every day for the next seven days follow the daily challenges, a tip to incorporate into your early morning routine.

Enjoy and let me know how you go.

Are you ready to launch your

7 Day Challenge?

Be sure to check your inbox every morning for the next seven days. Follow the daily challenges, a tip to incorporate into your early morning routine.

Renew yourself and complete each daily challenge during your ‘Me Time’.

Enjoy, and let me know how you go.

With love, Helen xx

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